Organic farming with the strength of nature

SERBIOS is your reference point for anything that relates to Organic farming, with technologies, products and sustainable solutions for the nutrition and protection of the plants.

With the Companies, for the environment

Since 1991, we are at your side to help you getting the best with products and innovative technologies for Organic farming. Our task is to promote a new way of farming, reducing the impact of operations and of treatments, through organic and integrated control and using organic fertilizers and natural biocontrol products.

Together for the future of agriculture

Those who produce must do it responsibly and sustainably, protecting the territory, green areas and biodiversity.  These are our most important resources: an invaluable heritage that must be protected and enhanced with care, attention and all our commitment.  This for us means organic agriculture.
Because only from a healthy environment can a safe, good and quality product originate.

We believe that the primary purpose of agriculture must be to create a balance between ecosystem and production activities, to protect the environment in which we live and to preserve its wealth intact.


Promote sustainability
with solutions and organic products
for agriculture

As a company, our goal is to grow, improving day by day our technologies and products for Organic farming and for the care of the green. We want to offer our customers quality, reliability and competitiveness, finding effective answers against plant pests and plant diseases and helping to spread virtuous practices, based on respect for the territory and sustainability.


The value of a company
are the persons

For us, every goal achieved is a collective result, the result of everyone's work and commitment. This is why we invest in the growth of people, both from a professional and personal point of view, promoting dialogue, the exchange of ideas and guaranteeing fair treatment for everyone. The customer is also part of this team, a team based on trust and cooperation, where everyone has a role, but where everyone does his best for a common interest.

For high-quality
organic farming

Organic fertilizers, biocontrol means and all SERBIOS products are allowed for use in Organic farming - according to EEC Regulation 2092/91 and subsequent amendments - and in the integrated control - pursuant to EEC Regulation 2078/92. Every day we carry out checks and inspections on compliance and homogeneity, to ensure high and constant quality standards, always up to expectations.


A scientific know-how
always at your disposal

To obtain optimal and lasting results, it is not enough to use effective and quality organic farming products. It is essential to know the correct application techniques and to apply them in the appropriate way. Our task is to suggest the best solution, putting our knowledge and experience at your service.

An experience to which new data, information and the results of our field analysis are added every day, which allow us to actively contribute to the scientific and technological development of the entire sector.


The advantage of an experienced consultant

Each of our organic fertilizers, biocontrol means and all SERBIOS organic farming products are accompanied by clear and complete instructions for use and user guides.

But this is not enough for us: our technicians are in daily contact with customers, operators and users, to provide advice, answer any doubts and collect valuable opinions and feedback.