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Nitrogenous organic fluid fertilizer Based on amino acids of animal origin with organic Nitrogen 7%


AZOBIOS is a totally organic fertilizer, exclusive and original Serbios formulation: it is obtained by the hydrolysis of protein substances of animal and plant origin. AZOBIOS contains a large number of amino acids, peptides, peptones, proteins, macro end micro-nutrients which are rapidly absorbed and used by the plant, both through foliar and root processes. AZOBIOS speeds up and improves plant metabolism. It is a completely natural product, allowed in organic farming. Its use is particularly suitable during the first growth stages of the plant, when Nitrogen consumption is more significant; if on citrus fruit, it is recommended to use AZOBIOS also during pre-harvest period. AZOBIOS is an excellent product, used in case of adverse soil and climatic conditions (for example: high salt concentration in the soil, underdeveloped root systems or root asphyxia, pest attacks, frost, etc.). AZOBIOS significantly reduces stress and is widely used simultaneously or after pesticide/herbicide treatments. It is able to “complex” metals, facilitating their penetration into the plant; it improves microflora’s activity in the soil (in case of radical applications) and makes Nitrogen available in the ground gradually, avoiding losses due to run-off. Thanks to its liquid formulation, AZOBIOS is easy to use and can be distributed through irrigation water.




Organic Nitrogen (N) 7%
Soluble organic Nitrogen (N) 7%
Organic Carbon (C) of biological origin 22%


1 kg bottle – Boxes of 12 pieces
12 kg tank


AZOBIOS has been developed for fertigation uses, but it is also recommended for foliar applications, thanks to its exceptional purity and assimilability.

Horticulture and floriculture:
kg 3-4/1000 sqm, from post-transplantation/awakening, with regular applications every 15-20 days.
Cereals and forage:
kg 20-30/ha, divided into 1-2 applications.
Fruit farming:
kg 30-40/ha, divided into 2-3 applications.

g 200-300/100 lt of water

To be used only where there is a recognised need. Do not exceed the recommended rates. It is preferable to use this product alone; anyway, never mix it with oils or products based on Copper or Sulphur, because of its significant carrier role.

Before using the product, carefully read all the instructions on the packaging label.


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