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Zeolite ground serbios

SOIL IMPROVER Clinoptilolite-based Zeolite Strengthener – Enhancer of plant defenses


ZEOLITE GROUND SERBIOS is a sedimentary rock powder based mainly on clinoptilolite (over 90%) with a particle size between 3 and 5 mm, ideal for soil treatments with the aim of improving its quality, substantially improving both water retention increase and cation exchange capacity. Zeolites are minerals characterized by an enormous quantity of microtubules that allow the retention of considerable quantities of water during an irrigation or rainy phenomenon, and then gradually release it when the plant needs it. In addition to this, it promotes the cationic exchange between the soil and the plant, optimizing the availability of fertilizing elements and minimizing losses due to evaporation or washout. ZEOLITE GROUND SERBIOS has a marginal quantity of inert minerals, and contains negligible quantities of pollutants such as heavy metals and crystalline silica.


Zeolite ground serbios


Natural zeolite:
90% prevalent: Clinoptilolite
Silicon oxide (SiO2) 70%
Alluminium oxide (Al2O3) 12,2%
Calcium oxide (CaO) 3-5%
Magnesium oxide (MgO) 1,2%
Potassium oxide (K2O) 3,3%
Iron oxide (Fe2O3) 2%
Measured cation exchange
Measured cation exchange capacity 217 cmol/kg
Mechanically ground sedimentary rock
Particle-size class: 3-5 mm

25 kg sack
Pallet with 40 sacks

ZEOLITE GROUND SERBIOS can be applied to the soil for all crops. It must be distributed with suitable equipment (fertilizer spreaders, microgranulators, etc.) on all crops. Treatments exclusively on the ground, with appropriate equipment both in open field and localized. Being a rock flour, it will remain in the ground (it is not washed away or degraded) and therefore the treatments in the following years will increase the quantity present and consequently the quality of the soil.

In field: from 500 to 1.000 kg/ha/year to be repeated in subsequent years. To be distributed during soil preparation (refinement steps) or localized during sowing.
Culture substrates: 10-15% of volume for distribution at a dose of 500-1.000 kg/ha/year of product depending on the crop, even with fractional applications during the season. Repeat also in the following 2-3 years to obtain a substrate with high hydric and cationic exchange.
For pot cultivation substrates, use a dose of 1-3 kg every 50-70 lt of substrate.

The Company limits its liability exclusively to composition, formulation and content. The user is liable for any damage arising from total or partial non-compliance with the instructions on the label.


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