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Bio 9 Rame Plus

EC Fertilizer Mixture of trace elements Copper (Cu) (Sulphate), Manganese (Mn) (Sulphate), Zinc (Zn) (Sulphate)


BIO 9 RAME PLUS is a fertilizer based on trace elements (Copper, Manganese and Zinc), formulated with a new and exclusive technology, based on inorganic microparticles (BIOECOACTIVE) that become functionalised, which means that they can bind the different trace elements through weak bounds, conveying and releasing them on the plant, gradually and very efficiently. The dimensions of these particles are extremely thin; with a surface area of 100-120 sqm/g: they allow a uniform coverage of the treated plants, an excellent resistance to washout and accordingly an extended availability of elements for the plant, which is facilitated during absorption. Copper, Manganese and Zinc are essential trace elements for several biochemical and enzymatic processes of the plant: their bioavailability is fundamental. BIO 9 RAME PLUS improves the general health of the crop, it reduces fruit drop phenomena, improves the photosynthetic activity and facilitates a more balanced growth. These factors make the plant less susceptible to biotic and abiotic agents, stimulating a more effective reaction of the plant.


Bio 9 Rame Plus



Water soluble Copper (Cu) 5.0%
Water soluble Manganese (Mn) 1.0%
Water soluble Zinc (Zn) 1.0%


1 kg bottle – Boxes of 20 pieces
5 kg tank – Boxes of 4 pieces
12 kg tank

The use of BIO 9 RAME PLUS is recommended on several crops, such as: pome fruit, citrus fruit, grapevine, olive, kiwifruit, solanaceae, cucurbits and other vegetables.
BIO 9 RAME PLUS should be used by foliar application. It is recommended to use a dose of 3-5 kg/ha, depending on the crop, its vegetative state and its vigour. It is advisable to use the product with volumes between 600 and 1000 lt/ha (in relation to the type of crop and its vigour). In any case, avoid to use concentrations above 1-1.5% (1-1.5 kg/100 lt).
Before pouring the product into the tank, shake the original packaging vigorously.

Grapevine, Pome fruit, Citrus fruit, Kiwifruit, Olive: 3-5 kg/ha
Solanaceae, Cucurbits, Carrot, Potato, etc.: 3-4 kg/ha
Other vegetables (such as: salad, fresh herbs, brassicaceae, etc.): 3 kg/ha

Usually, the product can be mixed with the most common fertilizers and plant protection products. However, it is recommended to make a little test, in case of mixtures or treatments that have to be carried out on particularly sensitive crops. Use this product only where there is a recognised need; do not exceed the recommended doses.

Before using the product, carefully read all the instructions on the packaging label.

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