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Calcium based liming material for foliar and soil fertilization


PURSHADE is an innovative product that has many positive effects on crops. Applied through foliar or root treatments, it gives an appropriate availability of Calcium to the plant, during its active growth stages. Moreover, it actively contributes to the containment of pathophysiologies that are typical of some crops (such as: bitter pit in apples). Foliar application of PURSHADE creates a thin film of micro particles, which selectively reflects sun rays, allowing the transition of visible light but rejecting the most part of ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) rays. This characteristic leads to an excellent protection of the plant against damages due to heat stress and burns (which usually provoke a deterioration of the final product, a worse quality and a significant decrease of produce). Furthermore, PURSHADE optimizes water consumption by the plant, significantly reducing damages caused by poor availability or salinity of water itself. The use of PURSHADE allows an increase in Calcium amount of the plant as well as a better quality and quantity in produce, reducing damages related to heat stress and sun burns, improving the efficiency in the use of available water, without blocking stomas and facilitating chlorophyll photosynthesis and plant metabolism accordingly.




Total amount of Calcium oxide (CaO): 30%

Calcium carbonate, only of natural origin

Suspension concentrate (SC)

16.7 kg (=10 lt) tank


Apple, Pear, Olive From fruit swelling (for example, to contrast bitter pit) 2-4
Water stress, high temperatures, significant Calcium deficiency 10-30*
Stone fruit, Actinidia Immediately after harvest or with Fall/Spring applications, to promote ripening of flower bud 20-30
Pre and post-flowering in case of Calcium deficiency 2-4
Citrus fruit, Walnut, Almond From fruit swelling 5-20*
Grapevine From beginning of flowering 5
From berries touching to beginning of ripening (water stress) 5-20*
Melon, Watermelon, Zucchini,
Onion, Garlic, Pepper, Tomato,
Eggplant, Carrot, Potato
Before transplantation 1-1,5 lt/100 lt
After 3rd-4th leaf 2-4
Thermal stress 10-20*
Sugar beet Thermal stress 10-20*
Corn From beginning of flowering (water stress) 10-25*
Wheat, Rice From boot stage to beginning of flowering (water stress) 10-15*

* The higher rates are recommended for highly developed production plantings and high-biomass herbage crops, in case of significant Calcium deficiencies or to get the highest containment of damages caused by sun and high temperatures.

 All above mentioned crops  Sprayed on the ground or by fertigation  4-16

Do not mix PURSHADE with Phosphorus-based products or with products that cannot tolerate high pH.
PURSHADE could leave residues on fruit, depending on the application. They could be easily removed through normal washings: this operation could be facilitated by using water with acid pH (5-6).

Before using the product, carefully read all the instructions on the packaging label.


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