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Dacus Track

Trap for the control of Dacus oleae


DACUS TRACK and DACUS TRACK PLUS are traps composed of a yellow sticky panel, equipped with a specific pheromone for the catching of Dacus oleae. These traps are suitable for the monitoring and the capture of a high number of insects, in order to reduce the pest population. The attractive power is due to the combination between the yellow panel and the sexual pheromone. DACUS TRACK and DACUS TRACK PLUS should be placed on the south/south-west side of the plant (if possible, leave a large space just in front of the trap). Use 4 traps/ha for the monitoring and distribute them among the olive trees, at least 30-35 m apart from each other and at least 10-15 m from the edges of the field. Do not place the traps in correspondence of the edges, because in this way you would capture the pests from the nearby areas. For an “intensive” capture, place 15-20 traps/ha uniformly, observing the right distance from the edges. The coloured panel combined with the specific lure can also be used to catch Ceratitis Capitata and Rhagoletis cerasi.


Type: Pheromone trap


Dacus Track



Insert the wire into the outermost grooves of the panel and place the pheromone vial on the panel itself, by using the supplied wire. In relation to the area and to the seasonal variation, the trap should be installed from the beginning of June onwards.
The difference between DACUS TRACK and DACUS TRACK PLUS is determined by the duration of the specific pheromone. DACUS TRACK pheromone is effective for 5-6 weeks, while the DACUS TRACK PLUS one lasts 8-9 weeks. The DACUS TRACK PLUS packaging includes 4 coloured panels, in order to replace them during the catching period, mantaining the same pheromone.

DACUS TRACK packaging: 34 units
Content: 2 yellow sticky panels, 2 pheromones, 2 wires, 2 little wires to hang the pheromone vials

DACUS TRACK PLUS packaging: 34 units
Content: 4 yellow sticky panels, 2 long-lasting pheromones (8-9 weeks), 2 wires, 2 little wires to hang the pheromone vials


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