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Ready-to-use granular slug bait


FERREX is a ready-to-use slug bait effective against slugs and snails. The active ingredient, iron (III) phosphate, contained in FERREX leads to cellular alterations in the goiter and in the axillary nodes. Slugs stop feeding shortly after the bait intake and retreat in their hideouts in the soil, where they die within a couple of days. This allows to avoid not only direct damage, but also indirect damage arising from the slug decomposition on the crop. The special and original formulation in lentils of FERREX allows the ingestion also by the smaller slugs, making the treatment efficient towards slugs hardly controllable with different formulations.


Active substance: Iron (III) orthophosphate

Authorization of Ministry of health: under registration





Iron (III) orthophosphate 2,5% (25 g/kg)

Caution: handle with caution

Not required

1 kg bucket – Boxes of 20 pieces
6 kg bucket


FERREX can be used for the protection of horticultural, fruit, industrial, ornamental crops in open field. The product can also be used on vegetable patch and garden for the protection of crops and ornamental plants.
FERREX is allowed for use in Organic and Integrated Farming.

Use 6 kg of product per hectare (0,6 g/sqm), about 6 lentils/sqm. The product should be evenly distributed on top of or amidst cultivated plants, preferably in the evening and with dry weather. On small surfaces or in localizes treatments, it is recommended to manually remove the dead or paralyzed slugs. In addition to greater safety for pets, it is avoided that favorable climatic conditions can rehabilitate the molluscs, thus nullifying the effectiveness of the treatment.
FERREX is specific for the fight against slugs and snails and it is harmless towards men, plants, domestic and courtyard animals and beneficial insects.

Carry out maximum 2 treatments/season.

Allowed in Organic Farming.

Before using the product, carefully read all the instructions on the packaging label.


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