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Mating disruption for Lobesia botrana


LOBETEC is a product based on Straight Chain Lepidopteran pheromones (SCLP) for the fight on grapevine against Lobesia botrana (European grapevine moth). It acts through mating disruption method which consists in interfering with the olfactive communication mechanism between the male and the female, thus causing a decrease in the mating and in the population of the pest in the field. LOBETEC is the new long-lasting mating disruption for Lobesia botrana, which ensures a 180 days coverage in the vineyards, protecting yields from direct and indirect damages (acid molds and botrytis) caused by the moth. The innovative dispenser, produced with heat- and light-reflective plastics, guarantees an even and continuous release with no peak emissions, allowing a long-lasting protection of the crop. Lobetec determines the reduction in the total number of matings, through the masking and/or the competition between the synthetic pheromone and the natural one; it causes also a delay in possible matings with a consequent reduction in females fertility. A constant monitoring with Super Track Ala traps is recommended, in order to check the flights and the performance of the mating disruption strategy.


Active substance: (E,Z)-7,9-Dodecadienyl acetate

Authorisation of Ministry of Health: n° 16735 dated 21/03/2019




(E,Z)-7,9-Dodecadienyl acetate: 210 mg/dispenser

Plastic dispensers

Not needed

Pre-harvest interval:
Not needed

Bag of 100 dispensers
Boxes of 400 dispensers

LOBETEC should be used at a rate of 400 dispensers/ha
Distribute evenly on the entire surface, possibly reinforcing on the plot borders.

Before use, store at a temperature of 5-6° C into the fridge. At temperatures lower than -18°C, in its original packaging, the product is preserved for more than 2 years.

Before using the product, carefully read all the instructions on the packaging label.


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