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Nemax® F

Entomopathogenic nematodes - Steinernema Feltiae


NEMAX F is a product based on entomopathogenic nematodes (species: Steinernema feltiae), which are parasites of wintering larvae of Cydia pomonella and other lepidoptera (Cydia molesta, S. Spuleri, S. tipuliformis, E. bigella, C. funebrana, A. lineatella, C. splendana, C. fagiglandana, etc.). NEMAX F is also effective against several Beetles larvae (e.g. Melolontha, Otiorhynchus, Popillia, Gryllotalpidae, etc.), Diptera (e.g. Delia, Contarinia, etc.) and Fungus gnats. With right temperature and humidity conditions, nematodes can move very easily and are able to trace actively the overwintering larvae and enter into them through their openings (anus, mouth, etc.). Once inside, nematodes release symbiotic bacteria (genus: Xenorhabdus), which lead to the death of the insect within 48 hours. If appropriate weather conditions occur, nematodes increase in number inside the larva and can determine the infection of other larvae. NEMAX F is extremely effective, it leaves no residues and it is not dangerous for humans, warm-blooded animals, other non-target insects and environment. In its NEW GEL FORMULATION, NEMAX F improves the nematodes’ moving capability and virulence. Improving features:

  •  Better shelf-life up to 16 weeks
  • Better solubility and viability of the nematodes, thanks to the nutritional substrate based on yeasts

Nemax® F


Entomopathogenic nematodes – Steinernema feltiae
New gel formulation – Shelf-life 16 weeks

Bags containing 250 millions of nematodes – Boxes of 6 bags

Codling moth wintering larvae and other lepidoptera
NEMAX F should be applied in Autumn (September-October) with temperatures above 10-12° C for at least 3-4 hours after the treatment and with high wetting of the plant (the treatment should be carried out during or right after a rain of t least 5mm); as an alternative, use spray irrigation above the canopy (wet before and after the treatment with at least 2,5 mm per turn), or wet before and after the treatment using an atomizer, distributing at least 3.000-4.000 lt of water/ha.
Rates: 1,5 billion nematodes/ha (every packaging of NEMAX F contains 250 millions of nematodes); volume of water: 2000 lt/ha, combined with rainfall or irrigation. As an alternative apply with at least 3000-4000 lt/ha (see above). It is recommended to treat the whole plant, including the base of the trunk. Carry out the treatment late in the afternoon or in the evening, in order to guarantee the ideal conditions.

Spring applications against Beetle and Diptera larvae
NEMAX F is used during the biological awakening phase and for the whole period of hypogeal activity (February-June) of the beetle larvae. The soil temperature must be between 14 and 26° C taking care to keep a high humidity in the soil (without washout) to allow the viability and the movement of nematodes toward larvae/nymphs.
Rates: 0,5-1,5 billion nematodes/ha, depending on the target to be fought and on the agronomic strategy adopted.
Vases: 40-60.000 nematodes/vase for vases with 24 cm of diameter (around 9-10 lt of substrate)
Keep high humidity without washing the product out.

Red palm weevil/Paysandisia archon
Rates: 50 million nematodes for each palm, in relation to its size. Sprinkle NEMAX F slowly at the base of the leaves on the crown. Use appropriate volumes of water (from 5 to 20 lt/palm, in relation to the size of the plant; the minimum concentration must be 2,5 million/lt); repeat the treatment every 3-4 weeks, from April to November.

Fungus gnats:
Rates: 0,5-1,2 million nematodes/sqm to apply not later than 6-8 days from sewing. Possibly repeat the treatment at the same rate after the first “flight”.
Keep high humidity without washing the product out.

Clean sprayers properly, especially after a pesticide treatment. Dissolve nematodes in a bucket with water (not cold), dilute and mix well for 15-20 minutes. Fill partially the barrel with clean water. Turn the mixer on (keeping low rpm) and add the content of the bucket into the barrel. Dilute the compound until you reach the right quantity of water. Keep the mixer on during treatment, to prevent nematodes from settling on the bottom. Apply within 7-10 hours from preparation.

Verify the expiring date on the package. Store at 2-6°C. Do not freeze the product. It is recommended to use traditional sprayers with a maximum pressure of 5/8 atm; it is mandatory to remove small-mesh filters (>50 mesh) and use nozzles with openings greater than 0,5 mm.


Based on entomopathogenic nematodes (genus: Heterorhabditis bacteriophora), which are parasites of larvae of Otiorhynchus and Diabrotica virgifera.
PACKAGING: Bags containing 250 million nematodes – Boxes of 6 bags


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