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Punch Trap

Trap for Red palm weevil capture (Rhynchoporus ferrugineus)


PUNCH TRAP is a trap system for the monitoring and the mass trapping of the red palm weevil (Rhynchoporus ferrugineus).


Punch Trap



This trap is suitable both for the monitoring (2-4 traps/ha) and the mass trapping (10-14 traps/ha).

The trap has to be positioned on the ground. For the monitoring, use 2-4 traps/ha. They must be placed at about 50 m from the palm (in any case, at a distance of not less than 20 m).
For the mass trapping, use up to 14 traps/ha, always respecting the right distances.
Observe the abovementioned indications even for the rows.
The trap consists of a black cone, a white bowl, a specific pheromone, a wire to fix the pheromone and a green cap. Put some pieces of fresh palm or apple into the bowl (to increase the attractiveness) and fix it to the cone, using the specific joints. Fill in with water, through the upper hole. Place the pheromone into the appropriate holes, using the wire; close the trap with the green cap. The pheromone lasts up to 12-13 weeks. Every 7-15 days, check the number of captures and, when necessary, change the water and the fermenting material.

Packaging: 10 units
Content: 1 complete trap + 1 dispenser plus



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