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Totem trap

Trap for the capture of Halyomorpha halys


Pheromone-based attraction system, specific for Halyomorpha halys. Self-built trap consisting of a black or yellow roll stretched on a multi-sided panel, combined with a pair of pheromone plates. A waterproof container must be placed at the base of the trap and filled with water and 2% Sapone Molle Serbios. Also available Halys trap for monitoring only (4 panels and 1 pheromone lasting 12 weeks).



For mass trapping and monitoring of Halyomorpha halys. The traps should be positioned approximately 7-10 m away from the affected area. At the beginning and at the end of the cycle, place the traps between any buildings and the cultivated area. The specific pheromone has a duration of 12 weeks.



Totem trap: 1 roll and 5 pairs of pheromone plates.



Box of 4 kits


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