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SBS 200 K Plus

Fluid Potassium fertilizer Potassium soap Hydroalcoholic solution of Potassium salts with silicates


SBS 200 K PLUS is a Potassium soap, composed of natural ingredients, completely biodegradable, non-polluting and harmless to humans and animals. SBS 200 K PLUS combines an effective and rapid Potassium supply with an excellent disgregating action towards organic residues (honeydew, sooty mold) left by several phytophagous insects, such as: jumping plant lice, citrus flatid planthopper, aphids, whiteflies, scale insects, etc. SBS 200 K PLUS can be efficiently mixed with several insecticides and herbicides, thanks to its excellent wetting, adhesive and carrier properties. Respecting the recommended rates, this product is not phytotoxic, even in case of repeated applications; moreover, it is harmless to beneficial insects.


SBS 200 K Plus


Water soluble Potassium oxide 10% w/w
SBS 200 K PLUS is based on Potassium salts combined with silicates and organic acids (oleic and linoleic acids).



1,3 kg bottle – Boxes of 20 pieces
12 kg tank

SBS 200 K PLUS can be used whenever foliar Potassium fertilization is needed as well as when honeydew or sooty mold are present on the plant. SBS 200 K PLUS should be used with high volumes of water, at medium-high pressure and reduced speed, carefully distributing the product on the plant. It is preferable to carry out treatments early in the morning.

350-450 g/100 lt of water, according to need. It is important to respect the recommended rates, although it has not been observed any damage on plants even by using higher concentrations. You can obtain the best results by repeating the treatment in a short interval of time, rather than increasing the doses.

SBS 200 K PLUS can generally be mixed with the most common insecticides and herbicides. Avoid mixtures with formulations that are susceptible to alkalinity, being SBS 200 K PLUS a product that can have alkaline reaction.
In any case, it is recommended to carry out a miscibility test with a small quantity of product, before using it in open field. In case of very high temperatures, use the lowest rates. If you mix SBS 200 K PLUS with plant protection products, respect the pre-harvest interval (PHI) of the chemical product that has been used. SBS 200 K PLUS must be stored in its closed container, in warehouse, at temperatures above 5-6°C.

Before using the product, carefully read all the instructions on the packaging label.


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