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Tutaroll black

Trap for the mass trapping of Tuta absoluta


TUTAROLL BLACK is a trap used to fight Tuta absoluta (tomato borer) in greenhouses through the mass trapping of the insect. TUTAROLL BLACK consists of a plastic tape, 30 cm wide and 100 m long, covered with highly adhesive entomological glue. TUTAROLL BLACK should be placed inside greenhouses with the aim of capturing as many specimens as possible. The large sized glued surface, the black color of the tape (chromotropic action) and the presence on the glue of a specific pheromonic attractant for Tuta absoluta allow to catch a very high number of adults, drastically reducing infections in the greenhouse. TUTAROLL BLACK does not adversely affect beneficial insects, bumblebees, etc.

TUTAROLL BLACK remains efficient on average 45-60 days from assembly, in the absence of dust or washing agents.


Packaging: 4 units


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