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Tutaroll black

Trap for the capture of Tuta absoluta


Trap for the control of Tuta absoluta (tomato borer) in greenhouses, through the mass trapping of the insect. It consists of a plastic roll covered with entomological glue. The large glued surface, the black color of the roll (chromotropic action) and the presence of a specific Tuta absoluta pheromone attractant on the glue, allow to capture a very high number of adults, drastically reducing infections in the greenhouse.



Mass trapping of Tuta absoluta. It must be positioned along the entire perimeter and near the entrance doors of the greenhouse. In addition, it can also be used between the crop rows. The pheromone present on the glue is activated when the roll is stretched inside the greenhouse. It remains efficient on average 45-60 days after assembly, in the absence of dust or washout agents.



30cm x 100m roll with pheromone.



Box of 4 pcs


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