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Fungicide for the control of botrytis on grapevine


ANDROMEDA is the innovative botryticide for defense of table and wine grape against the fearsome disease. ANDROMEDA acts with an original mechanism of action which allows the disaggregation of the cellular walls of the fungus, causing its death in an efficient and quick way. ANDROMEDA is made from 3 innovative active ingredients: eugenol, thymol and geraniol, extremely efficient towards Botrytis of grapevine. Its formulation takes advantage of SUSTAINE® technology: the actives are incorporated in microcapsules of natural origin and solvent-free, that allow a time-release of the actives in presence of humidity (condition favoring botrytis).


Active substance: Eugenol, Geraniol, Thymol

Authorisation of Ministry of Health: n° 17601 dated 23.06.2020




Pure Eugenol 3,2% (33 g/lt)
Pure Geraniol 6,4% (66 g/lt)
Pure Thymol 6,4% (66 g/lt)

Punto esclamativo Warning

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2 lt tank – Boxes of 6 pieces


ANDROMEDA is used starting from full flowering phase where it will reduce drastically the presence of latent mycelium, making it possible to keep under control the development of botrytis since the initial stages. Subsequent treatments, to be carried out preventively or after a rainfall up to harvest (max. 4), will allow to keep under control the sporulation of the pathogen. Thanks to its original mechanism of action, ANDROMEDA protects the bunches and allows to anticipate resistance phenomena. ANDROMEDA can be used efficiently within organic and integrated defense strategies.
The active ingredients contained in ANDROMEDA are exempt from Maximum Residue Limits, do not interfere in ripening processes in the following fermentation processes for wine production.

Apply ANDROMEDA at a rate of 400 ml/100 lt (maximum 4 lt/ha) at minimum intervals of 7 days. The treatment should be carried out before the first symptoms of disease appear and possibly repeated on a weekly basis. Carry out a maximum of 4 treatments during growing season, in the period ranging from flowering to harvest (BBCH 60-89).

Use in Organic Farming is allowed.

Before using the product, carefully read all the instructions on the packaging label.


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