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Carpo 600

Selective bioinsecticide for the control of Cydia pomonella Based on Baculovirus (Cydia pomonella Granulovirus – CpGV)


CARPO 600 is a specific insecticide designed for the control of codling moth (Cydia pomonella). The product is formulated with Cydia pomonella Granulovirus (CpGV) isolates, selected to achieve the maximum effectiveness against the pest. This virus is extremely specific: only Cydia pomonella is affected by its action. CARPO 600 acts exclusively by ingestion: affected larvae reduce immediately their trophic and motor activity, becoming more exposed to bacterial and other pathogens’ attacks. Within a few days, larvae stop feeding and die. Because of its specificity and its low environmental impact, CARPO 600 perfectly suits with integrated pest management programs. Its use is allowed in organic farming.


Active substance: Baculovirus (CpGV) for the control of Codling Moth

Authorisation of Ministry of Health: n° 14523 dated 23/12/2009


Carpo 600



Baculovirus (CpGV): 1.6 x 10¹² Granulovirus GV (= 1.6 x 10¹³ GV/l)
Adjuvants q.s. to g 100


Liquid suspension


Warning: Handle with caution


3 days on all crops


500 ml bottle – Boxes of 10 pieces

CARPO 600 can be used against Cydia Pomonella on the following crops: Apple, Pear, Quince, Walnut, Nashy.

The recommended rates for CARPO 600 in treatments with standard volumes is 40-60 ml/100 lt; in any case, do not apply a dosage lower than 400-600 ml/ha.
This product is extremely effective against the first generation of codling moth: it should be applied at hatching of first eggs. The following methods will help you to identify the right time of application and to achieve an optimal result: insect monitoring (through pheromone traps), eggs-laying monitoring, Degree-Day Accumulation (GDD) to determine the beginning of eggs-laying or hatching. These kind of indications are usually provided by official bodies, in relation with your geographical area.
The treatment should be carried out every 7-10 days, depending on the length of the insect flight, up to a maximum of 3 applications per generation. CARPO 600 can be used also against the most resistant populations. Towards subsequent generations, it is recommended to adopt integrated methods (involving also other specific products) and to shorten intervals between treatments.

Avoid to use CARPO 600 with products that have alkaline reaction and/or with Copper-based products. It is recommended to use the product with slightly acid pH water.

At room temperature (20°C), CARPO 600 is stable for more than 4 months. If stored in a refrigerator (4-5°C), it is stable for more than 1 year. In a freezer (-20°C), it keeps its effectiveness for more than 6 years.

Before using the product, carefully read all the instructions on the packaging label.


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