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Diabrotica Track

Traps for catching Diabrotica virgifera


Traps for the monitoring of affected and infection-prone areas, which can be used with or without the specific sexual pheromone. The use of these traps allows to predict the intensity of the attack in the following year and the possible spread to neighboring farms not yet affected.



Capture of Diabrotica virgifera (corn rootworm). The traps must be positioned at a height of approximately 1 meter from the ground, on the long side of the plot and on both sides about ten meters from the edge of the plot and at a distance of at least 30-40 meters from each other. In case of heavy infestations, 1 trap per side of the plot will be sufficient. For low infections or monitoring of new possible infections, it is advisable to increase this number to 2-3 traps per side. Traps should be checked and cleaned at least weekly. While the pheromone capsule must be replaced every 45 days.



4 glued yellow chromotropic panels 20x24.5 cm, 2 pheromones and 2 iron wires.



Box of 34 pcs


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