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Super Care

Pheromone trap for the monitoring and the mass trapping of Zeuzera pyrina and Cossus cossus


SUPER CARE is a trap specifically studied for the control of Zeuzera pyrina and Cossus cossus.


Super Care



The better results are obtained by placing the trap at man’s height within the vegetation. SUPER CARE can be used both for monitoring and mass trapping. In the first case it is recommended to place 3 traps per hectare, in the second case at least 10. It is necessary to maintain at least 10-15 m distance from the orchard borders and 30-35 m distance between each trap. In case of mass trapping, use the traps continuously for some years in order to reach good results.

Mount the trap by following the joints and include the pheromone into its appropriate seat under the cap. Usually, the trap should be installed during the second part of May. Pheromones remain active for 5-6 weeks. After this period, it is necessary to replace the dispensers, even if there is still remaining liquid inside. Check the traps periodically in order to keep them clean and record the catches.

Packaging: 15 units/ box
Content: 1 trap, 3 pheromone dispensers


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