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Trap for the capture of Zeuzera pyrina and Cossus cossus


Trap specially designed for the capture of Zeuzera pyrina, wood leopard moth, or Cossus cossus, carpenter moth. It can also be used for monitoring.



Monitoring and capture of Zeuzera pyrina or Cossus cossus. In the first case, place 3 traps/ha, in the second case, at least 10 traps/ha. It is advisable to maintain a distance of at least 10-15 meters from the edge of the orchard and 30-35 meters between the traps, which should be installed in the second half of May. The pheromones remain active for 5-6 weeks. Check the trap periodically to record catches and keep it clean.



A capture device and 3 pheromone dispensers.



Box of 15 pcs


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