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Ecological trap for the capturing of flies


ECOTRAP represents the easiest method to eliminate flies, horseflies and other insects, in a natural way, without the help of pesticides, in accordance with the new existing legislation. ECOTRAP is environmentally friendly and reduces the several problems (of hygienic, sanitary, qualitative and economic nature) that would have resulted from the use of venoms. The trap is successfully used in those areas with a high concentration of flies, such as: livestock and poultry farms, landfills and composting centers.





ECOTRAP is the new trap system for the capturing of flies with an aggregation lure.

ECOTRAP has been designed to capture diptera, by using a special lure with a continuous fermentation (Bramalin): it consists of a mixture of plant extracts, animal proteins and aromatic herbs.

ECOTRAP is easy to use. Prepare the attractive lure, following the instructions included into the packaging. Pour the product into the trap and complete the assembly. ECOTRAP should be hung at about 150-200 cm from the ground, preferably in shady and ventilated areas (at a distance of about 2-5 m from houses, stables and canopies). To ensure the proper functioning of ECOTRAP, it is essential to have a temperature above 15°C: the higher the temperature, the greater the effectiveness of the trap. The attractive efficiency of the lure depends on the entity of the infestation: usually, it lasts about one month.

Packaging: 20 units
Contents: 1 trap, 2 Bramalin lures, 1 fermenter bottle


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