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Ecological trap for the capture of flies


Trap for the catching of dipterans, with Bramalin aggregation attractant, a continuously fermenting bait made up of a mixture of plant extracts, animal proteins and aromatic herbs. It is the simplest technique to eliminate flies, gadflies and other insects in a natural way without the use of poison, safeguarding the environment and reducing the hygienic, sanitary, qualitative and economic problems they cause.



Capture of dipterans in areas with a high concentration: livestock and poultry farms, landfills, composting centers, biogas plants. It must be hung approximately 150-200 cm above the ground, preferably in shaded and ventilated areas (approximately 2-5 m from houses, stables and sheds). For good operation, it is essential to have a temperature above 15°C. The attractive bait effectiveness lasts approximately one month.



1 trap, 2 Bramalin baits, 1 fermenter bottle.



Box of 20 pcs


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