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Pheromone trap for the catching of Wireworms


AGRIOTRAP is an efficient trap for the monitoring of wireworms (A. brevis, A. sordidus, A. litigiosus, A. ustulatus, A. lineatus, A. sputator, A. obscurus). The wide space of the trap, characterized by a large cap and the inverted cone “easy block”, allow the catch of several specimens during the season, avoiding the entry of leaves or undesired material. AGRIOTRAP is easy to mount and allows a fast pheromone substitution. Depending on the season and on the target insect, the traps should be activated with one or more specific pheromones.





At the beginning of the season (3rd week of March), place the trap with A. brevis pheromone (which has to be located in the lower hole of the little wings).
Around 10th-15th April, remove from the trap the insects that have been caught and add the A. sordidus pheromone above the A. brevis pheromone.
After one month, empty and clean the trap, replacing the A. sordidus pheromone; at the same time, place the A. litigiosus pheromone in the upper compartment of the little wings. On 10th June, remove the insects from the trap, replace the A. litigiosus pheromone, which in this case has to be located in the lower part of the trap (in place of A. brevis pheromone).
Put the A. ustulatus pheromone into the upper compartment. On 10th July, empty the trap and replace the A. ustulatus pheromone into the upper compartment. Use the iron wire provided to fix the vials.
On 10th August, empty the traps for the last time (they will be reused the following year).
The trap must be placed in a stable position on the ground, ensuring that the cone edge remains uncovered by the soil for 2-3 cm. Use an indicator ball to find the trap when the crop grows.
The traps should be placed in line or in correspondence of the vertices of a triangle with about 50 m sides.

Monitoring: 3 traps/ha up to 10 hectares of soil. Reduce the amount/ha as the surface increases. In highly infected areas, in order to drastically reduce the number of insects, it can be possible to place up to 8-10 traps/ha. In case of monitoring of big areas, follow the dispositions of the Regional Regulations.

Each packaging contains: a complete trap, 2 A. sordidus pheromones and 2 A. litigiosus pheromones. Also available: A. brevis and A. ustulatus pheromones.
Packaging: 10 pieces


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