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Popillia Trap

Trap for Popillia japonica (Rescue-Japanese Beetle Trap) with pheromones and floral attractants


POPILLIA TRAP is a trap with pheromones and floral attractants for the monitoring and the mass trapping of Popillia japonica, a beetle that attacks many ornamental and agricultural crops. The trap is based on the attraction that specific components (pheromones and floral attractants) have towards the insect.


Popillia Trap



– Method with non-toxic action
– Selective capture of Popillia japonica adults
– Great bag capacity
– New and practical bag with zip bottom for emptying
– The lure lasts for the whole season (6-8 weeks)
– Welding ensures the bag stays attached

Z-7-Tetradecen-2-uno; 2.9 mg/dispenser
(R,Z)-5-(1-decenyl)hydro-2(3H)-furanone; 0.76 mg/dispenser

Keep out of reach of children.
When the trap is full, open the slide-lock feature to empty it from the insects, then close and reuse. POPILLIA TRAP uses a special patent designed to control the release of natural floral and sexual lures to attract both male and female beetles into the trap. Once attracted, the beetles fly towards the large yellow panels, being stunned on impact and then falling into the bag.

The beetles prefer ripe fruit and plants exposed to direct sunlight. They reach the upper leaves and then move downwards. Specific scent released by eating beetles will attract a greater number of beetles on that spot. The beetles are more active during hot and sunny days, especially between 09.00 and 15.00, or when temperatures reach 28-35°C. When the humidity level drops below 60%, Popillia japonica is less willing to fly and keep eating wherever it is.

1. Open the upper part of the bag where the yellow panels are fixed. Turn the trap upside down to drop the attractant cartridge and twist wires out of the bag.
2. The yellow panels have lateral wings which form a funnel inside the bag and restrict the opening to avoid the escape of the beetles. The teeth at the base of the lateral wings should be inserted into the small gap present. From the outside of the bag, press on the lateral wings so that the teeth get stuck into the slots.
3. Remove the attractant cartridge from the plastic bag, slip cartridge, flat side up, over hanging tab thread, line up slots and snap in place.
4. Twist wire through the central hole on the top of the flap.
5. Firmly hang the trap 120 cm from the ground and at least 10 meters from the foliage to be protected.
6. Wash your hands with soap and water.

Place the traps at least 10 mt from the ornamental plants, in order to catch the beetles far from the areas where they can cause damages. 1-3 traps are sufficient to control a medium-sized garden. Do not place more than 20 traps per hectare.

If the bag fills up to 1/2 – 2/3 before the end of the season, it can be emptied and reused. Open the zipper on the bottom of the bag, empty the bugs in the trash bag and dispose of it in your household waste. For best results, rinse the inside of the trap, clean it carefully from any part of insects that may obstruct the exit slide, before closing the zipper and hanging the trap.


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