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Trap for the monitoring of Cydia pomonella


The trap stands out for the particular shape of the shed, specifically designed for the monitoring of Cydia pomonella, the apple codling moth. It is a "delta" trap with narrower openings, to favor a more defined flow of pheromone, which allows a more effective and precise capture of the insect. Pheromones plus (5 mg charge) and kairomone are available, particularly suitable for monitoring those crops subjected to mating disruption.



Cydia pomonella monitoring. Place 2-3 traps/ha, approximately 1.5 m from the ground, in the direction of the main wind, at a distance of 25-30 m between the traps and from the edges of the orchard. The dispensers remain active for 5-6 weeks. Carry out periodic checks to record catches and clean the glued bottoms from captured adults.



A shed, 3 glued bottoms, 3 pheromone dispensers, a plastic lace and a small spatula to remove insects.



Box of 34 pcs


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