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Roll giallo

Colored trap for the mass trapping of several pests

ROLL GIALLO is a colored trap that controls the attacks of several pests such as true flies, mosquitos and gnats, leaf miners, leafhoppers, lepidopterans, etc. through the mass trapping. It consists of a yellow plastic tape covered with a natural sticky substance with high adhesiveness; it is 30 cm large and 100 long and has to to be placed in open field or inside the greenhouses in order to catch as many specimens as possible.


Roll giallo


is used for the fight against several pests that are affected by the attractiveness of the specific yellow surface of the tape.
Especially in biological controlled areas, it does not affect beneficials negatively.
It is recommended to use a 100 m tape along the entire perimeter of the greenhouse in which the pest must be controlled, or in open field sections on the border areas of the crop.
The yellow-colored tape allows to achieve more catches, avoiding to attract indirectly bees and/or bumblebees.

ROLL GIALLO should be unrolled at 0,8-1,5 m from the ground on natural supports or poles placed at the margins of the crop or greenhouse. The wide adhesive surface offers great opportunity to fight the pests efficiently.
In the greenhouse, the traps must be fixed or mounted between poles or on an appropriate base, placed on surfaces of sufficient length, so that they are evenly distributed throughout the greenhouse.
Compared to other methods of conventional protection, ROLL GIALLO allows to reduce or even eliminate the number of intervention with pesticides.

Storage conditions: to be stored in a cool and dry place.

Target pests: true flies, mosquitos and gnats, leafhoppers, lepidopteran miners, some species of scale insects or stink bugs at the nymph stage.


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