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Cetonia trap

Trap for the mass trapping and monitoring of Cetonia aurata

FIELD OF APPLICATION: CETONIA TRAP should be used for the mass trapping and the monitoring of Cetonia aurata on all crops attacked by this phytophagous.


Cetonia trap



CETONIA TRAP is supplied with a capture device and an aggregation pheromone lasting 4-6 weeks.

It is recommended to install at least 10-15 traps per hectare, starting from the end of April/beginning of May.
– Place 10-15 traps/ha, at about 1.5 m height. In case of severe infections, it is preferable to install the traps on the parcel borders.
– Check and empty the traps daily.
– It is possible to buy spare pheromones.

WARNING: in case of high populations of Cetonia aurata, there may be an increase in damages on the plants where the trap is placed. It is therefore preferable to install CETONIA TRAP on the borders and/or on the exterior of the parcel in order to concentrate the greater amount of pests outside from the plants to be defended.

Packaging: 10 units/box
1 complete trap with one pheromone dispenser


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