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Super Track Ala

Trap for the monitoring of harmful pests


SUPER TRACK ALA is a common “four winds” trap for the monitoring of many phytophagous lepidoptera. It should be placed 1,5 meters above the ground, following the main wind direction, maintaining a distance of 25-30 meters between the traps and from the orchard borders.


Super Track Ala


The dispensers must be inserted inside the traps; they maintain a good activity for 5-6 weeks. After this period, the pheromone must be replaced, even if the charge is not completely exhausted. Regular controls are needed (once a week, always in the same day) to register the catches and to clean the sticky panels from the captured adults. The sticky panel must be replaced when its adhesive properties are reduced or its correct cleaning is no longer possible. Sticky panels, used pheromones and their packaging must be disposed of outside the orchard in order to avoid the formation of unwanted attractive areas. Place 2-3 traps per hectare. With increasing surface area, reduce the number of traps.

– Insert the plastic wire in the roof.
– Open the sticky panel, place the pheromone in the middle and build up the trap by fitting the tongues into the specific holes. Place SUPER TRACK ALA within vegetation at man’s height.
– For catch control, remove two tabs of the sticky panel from the joints and proceed to the assessment.

Packaging: 34 units/box.
1 trap, 3 sticky panels, 3 pheromone dispensers, 1 plastic wire, 1 spatula to remove insects


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