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Bentonite serbios

Rock powder – bentonite Strengthener – Enhancer of plant defenses


BENTONITE SERBIOS is a hydrophilic clay of volcanic origin, mainly composed of Silicon Oxide and Aluminium (phyllosilicate), but it also contains a lot of natural micronutrients. In agriculture, this product has proved to be effective for different uses. Indeed, it is used as adhesive and carrier for other products. Thanks to its capacity to absorb water, drying up the microenvironment BENTONITE SERBIOS creates an environment that is not suitable for the development of some pathogens.


Bentonite serbios



Micronized bentonite (from montmorillonite) min 85%

Wettable powder

25 kg sack
Pallets with 50 sacks

Powdery treatments: with appropriate equipment at a rate of 10-20 kg/ha of product depending on the crop, also mixed with other products normally used with this method (such as Sulphur).
Sprayer treatments: in mixture as tackifier at a rate of 100-150 g/100 lt. Instructions: Fill about half the tank, start stirring, pour the product, keep on stirring during the whole treatment time.
BENTONITE SERBIOS can also be used at variable doses, inside compost, potting soil, in the production of paste for trunk painting, in biodynamic preparations.

BENTONITE SERBIOS is a product with alkaline reaction. Check the compatibility when mixed with other products. Do not exceed the recommended rates. In greenhouse, use the minimum dosage. For some applications (such as against botrytis on grapevine), it is possible to mix the product with limited doses of Sulphur (SULFAR) or Copper (CUTRIL TOP, CUTRIL EVO).
In any case, it is advisable to carry out a small test before proceeding with field applications.


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