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Lecitina 80 serbios

Soybean lecithin Strengthener - Enhancer of plant defenses


LECITINA 80 SERBIOS is a product of natural origin, based on lecithin optimized mixtures, extracted from soybean seeds. The constituent active substances are environmentally friendly and harmless to humans. It leaves no residues and it is commonly used for animal and human nutrition.


Lecitina 80 serbios


Fluid soybean lecithin emulsion
Total amount of phospholipids >95%
Amount of Phosphatidylcholine >15%

1 lt bottle – Boxes of 20 pieces
5 lt tank – Boxes of 4 pieces

LECITINA 80 SERBIOS is commonly used as enhancer of plant natural resistance; its action leads to excellent production results. It strengthens and gives elasticity to cell wall of plants and fruits, hindering a large number of plant diseases (such as: cracking, heat stress, etc.). LECITINA 80 SERBIOS provides the fruits with better firmness, brightness and color, improving their organoleptic quality. LECITINA 80 SERBIOS improves and increases the post-harvest shelf-life of produce.
LECITINA 80 SERBIOS makes the plant less susceptible to the attacks of pathogens, boosting its natural defenses. It is an excellent emulsifier that improves wetting when using pesticides, allowing more uniform, accurate and regular treatments. Application drops are more regular and heavier: in this way the buffer zone is reduced.

LECITINA 80 SERBIOS is successfully used on vegetables and fruits.
As emulsifier when mixed with plant protection products: 100-120 ml/100 lt, use without limitations in the number of treatments.
Used alone on vegetables (solanaceae, cucurbits, salad, etc.): 200-300 ml/100 lt.
Used alone on fruits (cherry and other stone fruit, pome fruit, grapevine, kiwifruit, strawberry, berries, etc.): 200-300 ml/100 lt.
Repeat the treatment 2-3 times, starting from the end of flowering at 15 days’ interval; on cherry and peach it is recommended to carry out a treatment at veraison before a rainfall.

Thoroughly wet all the surface of the plant.
Do not mix with alkaline products.

The liability of the company is strictly limited to the composition, the formulation and the content.
The user shall be liable for any damage (lack of efficacy, overall toxicity, residues, etc.), caused by total or partial failure to comply with label instructions.


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