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Sapone molle serbios

Natural substance improving plant resistance to biotic and abiotic stress Strengthener - Enhancer of plant defenses

CHARACTERISTICS: SAPONE MOLLE SERBIOS is a product derived from the saponification of excellent quality vegetable oils (coconut oil) without using dyes or preservatives and palm oil. SAPONE MOLLE SERBIOS stimulates the natural plant defenses activating resistance mechanisms towards several adversities. SAPONE MOLLE SERBIOS is used with success to cleanse plants from residue (honeydew) left by several pests such as aphids, psyllids, whitefly, scale insects, etc. SAPONE MOLLE SERBIOS, used when the first drops of honeydew appear, prevents the formation of sooty mould, maintaining the photosynthetic efficacy of the leaves and thus avoiding the decay of the plant and the devaluation of productions.


Sapone molle serbios


Yellowish liquid
Potassium soft soap: min. 100% (p/p)
Primary product: potassium salts of vegetable fatty acids

5 lt tank
Boxes of 4 pieces

Apply the product at the first appearance of honeydew with abundant volumes of water and using a high pressure as far as practicable.
Distribute evenly in order to reach the whole plant surface (foliage on both sides, fruits, etc.).

SAPONE MOLLE SERBIOS can be used on horticultural, fruit and ornamental crops.

Rates: leaf treatment: 400-1.000 ml diluted in 100 lt of water
If necessary, repeat the treatment 7-10 days apart.
In case of more sensitive plants, use the lower rate and operate in the shadow or during evening hours.

Precautions of use and warnings:
Store in the original packaging, in cool and dry place, away from excessive heat and light. Best within 24 months from production. Do not exceed the recommended rates. Avoid treatments at flowering. Before making mixtures with other products (plant protection products, fertilizers, etc.), carry out a small compatibility test. Store at temperatures between 5 and 40 ° C.
Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, mouth.

The liability of the company is strictly limited to the composition, the formulation and the content.
The user shall be liable for any damage (lack of efficacy, overall toxicity, residues, etc.), caused by total or partial failure to comply with label instructions.


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