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Chitosano serbios

Basic substance


Chitosan is a monosaccharide composed mainly of glucosamine monomer, which is extracted from the chitin present in the crustaceans shell (crabs) through a process of deacetylation. CHITOSANO SERBIOS is based on chitosan hydrochloride completely natural and perfectly soluble in water. Chitosan hydrochloride is a natural elicitor, meaning that it stimulates a powerful self-defense reaction of the plant towards fungi and pathogen bacteria. Furthermore, Chitosan improves the germination power of the seeds (seed treatments) and increases the plant resistance to negative abiotic factors (heat, hydric stress, etc.). Used in fertigation it improves the root development and stimulates the plant to a greater resistance to nematodes, bacterial and fungal attacks. CHITOSANO SERBIOS keeps the plant healthier and more resistant, having a positive effect on the yield quality and quantity.


Chitosano serbios


Chitosan hydrochloride: 5%
Deacetylation degree >90%
Solubility: >99%
Heavy metals <40 ppm

1 lt bottle – Boxes of 20 pieces
5 lt tank – Boxes of 4 pieces

CHITOSANO SERBIOS should be preferably applied with low-medium volumes (200-500 lt/ha), with 2 week intervals between them. Distribute evenly in order to reach the all the surfaces.

Fruit: strawberry, grapevine, small fruits: 50-200 ml for 100 lt of water
Vegetables: 50-100 ml for 100 lt of water
Cereals (pre-sowing): 50-100 ml for 100 lt of water (at low volume, 1 treatment)
Spices and fodder: 50-100 ml for 100 lt of water
Sugar beet: 50-100 ml for 100 lt of water (at low volume, 1 treatment)
Potato (tubers treatment): 50-100 ml for 100 lt of water
Ornamentals: 50-100 ml for 100 lt of water

Store in the original packaging, in cool and dry place, away from excessive heat and light. Best within 24 months from production. Do not exceed the recommended rates. Before making mixtures with other products (plant protection products, fertilizers, etc.), carry out a small compatibility test. Store at temperatures between 5 and 40 ° C.
Do not swallow. Avoid contact with eyes, skin, mouth.

The liability of the company is strictly limited to the composition, the formulation and the content. The user shall be liable for any damage (lack of efficacy, overall toxicity, residues, etc.), caused by total or partial failure to comply with label instructions.


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