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Bicarbonato di sodio serbios

Strengthener - Enhancer of plant defenses


BICARBONATO DI SODIO SERBIOS is a strengthener, enhancer of plant defenses used also in the food industry (e.g. as leavening agent, acidifier, etc.). BICARBONATO DI SODIO SERBIOS uses as primary product an extremely pure food grade product (E500). Its use in agriculture enhances the natural plant defenses creating an unfavorable environment to the spread and the proliferation of fungal diseases.


Bicarbonato di sodio serbios



Sodium bicarbonate (E500) Minimum purity: 99,5%

25 kg sack
Pallet with 42 sacks

The product should be preferably used alone at the recommended rates. The use of the product at higher rates may cause leaf scorching and russeting on apple varieties sensitive to bicarbonate, risk of roughness on table grape; do not apply on wine grape cv Moscato.
It is therefore recommended to carry out small preliminary tests.
Compatibility with other plant protection products: do not mix with products that contain copper and with soluble fertilizers, do not mix with products formulated in emulsifiable concentrate (EC), do not use calcium chloride in the treatment plan. In case of mixture with other fungicides, insecticides and/or fertilizers, arrange a little test in order to assess the compatibility.
Concentrations higher than 1% may determine phytotoxic effects on plants.
BICARBONATO DI SODIO SERBIOS modifies the biological environment of the leaf surface, changing the pH and modifying the conditions of spread and propagation of biotic agents, reducing their chance to penetrate.

BICARBONATO DI SODIO SERBIOS should be preferably used alone at a rate of 0,5-1 kg/100 lt.

The liability of the company is strictly limited to the composition, the formulation and the content.
The user shall be liable for any damage caused by total or partial failure to comply with label instructions.


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