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Propoli serbios

Propolis extract on glycolic solution Strengthener - Enhancer of plant defenses


PROPOLI SERBIOS acts as an excellent enhancer of plant defense capabilities against fungal and bacterial attacks; it is also successfully used mixed with Sulphur, Copper salts and endotherapic fungicides. PROPOLI SERBIOS facilitates a fast cicatrization of wounds caused by trauma or pruning, protecting at the same time the plant against the entry of pathogens; it helps pollination, thanks to its effective attractiveness towards bees; it improves post-harvest shelf-life of fruit and reduces the formation of rottenness.


Propoli serbios


Flavonoid-resinous extract from propolis glycol
Demineralized water
Minimal flavonoids content (expressed in galangins) 20 mg/ml

1 lt bottle – Boxes of 20 pieces
5 lt tank – Boxes of 4 pieces

Flavonoid-resinous extract from Propolis glycol. PROPOLI SERBIOS is a natural extract that contains only the active fraction of Propolis, composed of flavones, flavonoids, vitamins, trace elements, etc. The extraction in polyalcohol (glycols) preserves all the particular properties of this natural protectant, which would otherwise have been partly lost by using alcohol extractions or alcoholic solutions.

• 200-250 ml/100 lt, when used alone
• 150-200 ml/100 lt, when mixed with fungicides
Treatments should be carried out starting from pre-flowering until harvest, every 15-20 days, according to needs. The most important applications are implemented during pre-flowering, petal fall, pre-harvest, as well as in case of hailstorms or strong pest bruises (mixed with fungicides during their period of use).

PROPOLI SERBIOS is used as strengthener on the following crops: Apple, Pear, Peach, Apricot, Plum, Cherry, Kiwifruit, Grapevine, Strawberry, Olive, Citrus fruit, Vegetables, Flowers and other minor crops.

It is recommended to avoid mixtures with products that are sensitive to glycols. In any case, it is advisable to carry out a miscibility test before proceeding with field applications. PROPOLI SERBIOS is harmless to humans, animals and beneficial insects.


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