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Super Color

Coloured sticky boards for the catching of some Phytophagous insects


SUPER COLOR are coloured sticky traps for the catching of different species of insects that are attracted by particular colors. The trap consists of a large and flexible polypropylene panel, coated with a specific entomological glue and characterised by a precise color in relation to the target insect.


Super Color



The packages (made up of 10 adhesive panels) are available in the following colors: YELLOW (size: 40 x 24.5) for the capture of whiteflies, aphids, Mediterranean fruit fly, cherry fruit fly, olive fruit fly and other phytophagous diptera; WHITE (size: 40 x 24.5) for the capture of tenthredinid sawflies that attack pears; LIGHT BLUE (size: 31 x 21) for the capture of thrips.
The specific glue does not drop and does not change its adhesiveness neither when temperature changes nor when it gets wet by rain or by plant protection treatments. The panel should be replaced when its adhesiveness becomes no more sufficient because of the number of captures or because of powder and accumulated vegetation residues.

Install the traps, using a wire that has to pass through the appropriate holes. If possible, position them towards the maximum lighting. In greenhouse, place the traps above buds, raising their position in relation to the plant growth. The number of traps that should be used for each unit area varies depending on the type of crop and on the intensity of the pest attack.
When placed on the perimeter of the orchard/olive grove, SUPER COLOR is successfully used as barrier against the penetration from outside of Ceratitis capitata, Dacus oleae, etc.


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